Put your music on shuffle and see the soundtrack to your life

Opening credits: Pink Floyd - “Shine on you crazy diamond (Parts I-V)
Waking up: Philip Glass - “CAUGHT!”
Falling in love: Field Music - “Clear Water”
Fight song: Hammer no more the fingers - “The visitor”
Breaking up: Oceansize - “Frame”
Getting back together: Peter Gabriel - “Red Rain”
Wedding: Stereolab - “The Ecstatic static”
Birth of child: Todd Rundgren - “International Feel”
Final battle: Traindodge - “Abandon City!”
Death scene: School of Language - “Rockist Pt.1”
Funeral song: The Books - “Smells like content”
End credits: The Bad Plus - “Life on Mars”

(Source: small-black-stars)

Baseball advice

So my parents are going to be in town at the end of May, and I wanted to take them to see the Cardinals play the Phillies at Busch stadium.

Having never been to a baseball game either, I have some questions. Specifically:

1) Where’s the best place to sit (that isn’t going to cost megabucks)?

2) What should we do to get the most out of the day?


Stingy grapefruit

Can’t help feeling I’ve been cheated:

That’s about an inch of grapefruit protection. Needless and greedy.

Hello everyone! The weather’s been extreme recently. Last Saturday the tornado warnings went off (only the second time since I’ve been here) and even though one didn’t make land, the associated storm was apocalyptic. After the sirens started, I remember going to the window, pulling up the blinds and seeing a bank of purple-grey roiling clouds rolling in from the west; and when I say rolling, I mean you could actually see them covering the sky and obscuring buildings in the distance. Like in that film where the Aliens arrive and start messing stuff up. When it finally arrived overhead, the weather instantly went from muggy to biblical downpour. Golf ball-sized hailstones! This was a serious storm (sadly, quite a few Cardinals supporters downtown got caught in it and were injured, one man fatally so).

Now, four days later, it’s incredibly hot (speaking as a life-long resident of Britain, so this is relative). 32 degrees and sunny. The wind is offensively warm; it’s like someone is walking round pointing a hairdryer at you, all day, like a total dick. Someone here described it as a “Rotisserie Wind”, which I think describes it perfectly (minus tasty smells). It’s gonna be like this all week according to Mr. Weather. I’m not adapting well:

Finally, this week I went to the gym for the first time in forever, and now I am walking round like I’ve forgotten how. Thumbs up! Beer festival this weekend in Forest Park, though I imagine the alchohol will evaporate before it reaches my mouth BECAUSE IT’S SO HOT.